Thursday, 30 October 2014

Spirit House: Ocean in a box

This was inspired by spirit houses, witch bottles and a portable shrines, all of which I have long been a little bit obsessed by...
It is a sea spirit, a drop of ocean in a wooden box. I made it as a gift to my sister who loves the sea, but who has recently had to move (temporarily) to a city.
This, I hope, will help her bring the outside, inside. 

The inscription on the lid is anglosaxon, taken form the Bosworth-Toller (my favourite book in the Bod when I lived in Oxford). 

It reads "I come from the arms of the sea". 


  1. This is a beautiful creation. Truly inspired.... A portable spirit of the ocean. Lucky sister!

    1. I'm so glad you both like and 'get' her :) I want to make many more...especially for folk who love places they can't get to. Or who need portable shrines:)