Friday, 31 October 2014


I have always been drawn to stories of the otherworld and the subject of death - my art is filled with these things. 

Today, on Halloween, we walked down to the sea. We watched wild grey seas beating at the cliffs. On our way home I observed the trees, some still golden with autumn, others stripped bare by the winds. I thought about the dying back of life that we witness every year. Somehow it is still always a surprise to me. 

On this night the veil between this world and the other world is meant to thin. It is as close as our culture gets to a night when we can think about death and therefore I now use it to remember our lost ones. Last year I was deep in grief for my first, lost baby girl. This year, whilst I still mourn her, I am also remembering the magic of this night. Because if we pass away and fade into the other world of our stories, we must also spring forth from there. And this year I am watching my daughter explore my mothers kitchen. 

Here's to our lost ones and to the dark creatures of our dreams and fables. Here's to things that vanish into darkness. Here's to that which springs forth. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Spirit House: Ocean in a box

This was inspired by spirit houses, witch bottles and a portable shrines, all of which I have long been a little bit obsessed by...
It is a sea spirit, a drop of ocean in a wooden box. I made it as a gift to my sister who loves the sea, but who has recently had to move (temporarily) to a city.
This, I hope, will help her bring the outside, inside. 

The inscription on the lid is anglosaxon, taken form the Bosworth-Toller (my favourite book in the Bod when I lived in Oxford). 

It reads "I come from the arms of the sea". 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Roll up, roll up! Winged Maquette

Technically a maquette is made in preparation for a final piece, but I am enjoying these flat little paper puppets so much on their own. 

Here is a companion for the green stag, a winged-haired aerialist.
I think I can feel a whole circus troupe coming on...

See her climb...straddle...and wrap 'catchers' (I never thought my aerial circus knowledge would be used like this...)...

...and perform tricks with the Green Stag!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Green stag Maquette

My first maquette, inspired by the work of the excellent Clive Hicks-Jenkins, has torn himself from the page and is ready for action. His first job is to promote an evening of masqued French and Breton music and dance, see more here.
His second may well be to appear on some Yule cards - we shall see if I can pin him down before he makes off across the moors.