Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Just before Christmas, I was a part of a puppet show. One of our guests/audience members was the artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins and his husband Peter (and their gorgeous little dog - who loved our show by the way). I'm very glad that I was unaware he was in the audience until after it was over! I would have been rather intimidated...

Over on his blog, Clive and Peter Slight are holding a Puppet challenge  - asking artists to use inspiration from fairytales to create their own original puppets.
The work that has already appeared is so exciting...I especially loved Clive's example of a flat, paper puppet which he animated. I can't find the link for this page right now - but I encourage you to follow the link above and explore his beautiful work.

fimo over aluminium foil

I entered myself for the challenge, knowing that Minka's immanent arrival would probably leave little time for making...I was right about that - I've been trying to post this blog entry for about a week! 

Just before Minka arrived, I did manage to start a puppet. I got as far as her head - I intend to experiment with making a body from simple tied wire and then pad it out with cloth and foam. 

I want to start focusing my making (models, books and drawings) on the story of the Handless Maiden which I heard for the first time last Summer at a festival. The story has many resonances for me, and I have felt haunted by it ever since.

This first puppet is not the Handless Maiden, but more a circus creature of some kind...I hope that I can learn some techniques as I finish her (when Minka gives me a chance), and then use what I learn for a second puppet.

For now though, my baby looks hungry...


  1. Nomi, here's the link for the film you were looking for:


    You're off to a racing start with your puppet. Well done. Full of character waiting to be brought to life.


  2. Hi Nomi! Peter Slight of the puppet challenge here.
    Your puppet head is looking great, really nicely modelled.What is she made from?
    I had to look up the Handless Maiden story, i'm glad I did, its got some great imagery in it, I can see why you find it quite haunting.
    looking forward to seeing more (when you get a moment to yourself that is!)
    P.S. good luck with the sleepless nights, they don't last for long thankfully!

    1. Good to know peter!
      It really is an amazing story isn't it... I think Shakespeare slightly ripped it off in Titus Andronicus too - that was the first place I encountered some of the imagery.

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    3. The head is made from fimo - it's my favourite thing for 3D artworks :)

  3. Don't forget to sleep when Minka sleeps, the puppet can wait a little longer! xx

  4. I'd love to hear more about your journey as a mother and maker as it unfolds (have a 5 month old and still trying to find time to make things, along with dinner!)

    1. Glad to hear it's not just me who finds this with babies! :) I will do a post about motherhood and the journey of it...I like that idea :) x

  5. I too am ignorant of the story of the Handless Maiden, and shall go to look it up.

    Beautifully modelled head, Nomi, brimming with emotion. Really haunting.

    1. Bless you Clive that is very kind :)