Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Just before Christmas, I was a part of a puppet show. One of our guests/audience members was the artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins and his husband Peter (and their gorgeous little dog - who loved our show by the way). I'm very glad that I was unaware he was in the audience until after it was over! I would have been rather intimidated...

Over on his blog, Clive and Peter Slight are holding a Puppet challenge  - asking artists to use inspiration from fairytales to create their own original puppets.
The work that has already appeared is so exciting...I especially loved Clive's example of a flat, paper puppet which he animated. I can't find the link for this page right now - but I encourage you to follow the link above and explore his beautiful work.

fimo over aluminium foil

I entered myself for the challenge, knowing that Minka's immanent arrival would probably leave little time for making...I was right about that - I've been trying to post this blog entry for about a week! 

Just before Minka arrived, I did manage to start a puppet. I got as far as her head - I intend to experiment with making a body from simple tied wire and then pad it out with cloth and foam. 

I want to start focusing my making (models, books and drawings) on the story of the Handless Maiden which I heard for the first time last Summer at a festival. The story has many resonances for me, and I have felt haunted by it ever since.

This first puppet is not the Handless Maiden, but more a circus creature of some kind...I hope that I can learn some techniques as I finish her (when Minka gives me a chance), and then use what I learn for a second puppet.

For now though, my baby looks hungry...