Monday, 18 November 2013

Yule Cards

I've found it really hard to concentrate on drawing recently. I know the reasons for this, but it is still pretty frustrating to be unable to exorcise the images in my mind onto the page.

I'm part of a Christmas craft fair at the end of the month and, as ever, there is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind.  So, I'm making some drawings that can become Christmas cards.

I'm not a very 'Christmassy' person, so finding images for this project has been a tad tricky...There is a girl forming who seems to have fox ears. I'm unsure how Christmassy foxes (or their ears) are, but she is wearing bright rowan berries which I for one associate with this time of year...

The girl below is going to have a wintery robin making a cosy nest in her hair. I know where I am with birds, and robins are most certainly seasonal. Here is a sneak peek at my design in progress...

Little sketch...



I'm also going to sell some of the necklaces I've been making this last month. I've realised that each one of these sparkly treasures has a story woven into it. Not only the unknowable secret stories of the old beads themselves, but the themes I worked around as I chose beads and centre-pieces.
It seems my years of studying Literature still find ways of working themselves into what I do, even idle beading...

Drawing Hero

Time for another hero!

This time, it is the mysterious, illustrative master known only as Rex Van Ryn...
I've always been a massive fan of comic book art of various flavours and Rex draws comics like it's easy...It looks like I'm going to have an opportunity to model for him soon, which will realise my dream of being rendered in a comic-book style.

Check out this blog of some of Rex's recent work on the graphic novel 'John Barleycorn Must Die'.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Witchcraft Museum at Boscastle

Magical icons of vulva (as you do)

Crystal Ball

Magical icons of phalluses (obviously)

Special cups for tasseomancy (fortune telling from tea leaves)

Many random herbs

Friday, 1 November 2013

New Drawing Hero!

Look at this work! I mean, look at it!

David Wyatt is my drawing hero of the week - possibly the month. He's a real drawing legend and I feel ashamed that I chatted to him like he was a normal person. I didn't fully realise who I was dealing with.

Just when you think you are getting somewhere, hey? Ah well, back to my sketch books....