Friday, 6 September 2013


I have been working on a big A3 bit of paper, covered in little drawings of masks. It is taking ages, mostly because we keep going out walking on Dartmoor. With such a beautiful Summer, it's been hard to do much that involves sitting indoors.

I have chosen masks from all time periods, countries and styles for no particular reason. I just drew the ones I liked the look of.

The plan is to scan these drawings and make a little book out of them. I like the idea of all these eyeless faces staring back from the pages.

I am including the masks we sometimes wear on our faces - the ones we form from our faces. I have been very aware of this recently - how often there is a gap between what my face is 'saying' and what I am experiencing. Often, we have to do this in order to function socially. Sometimes we want to do it, because it makes things feel easier. At other times it is a burden, and exhausting.

I wonder if it is a relief sometimes to don an actual mask, to be able to hide something away behind it? I imagine it could be calming almost, like a hawks hood, shielding us from the world.