Friday, 26 July 2013

In which I become a capitalist

It's all rather exciting really.

I've opened an Etsy shop - see link to the left.

I will be selling prints of my work, so far priced £6 to £12, which I will send out to you with a little business card I made on my computer, wrapped in shiney cellophane.
There is also a double set of postcards in the shop for £2.50 (see pictures below).

I've also put up some of my originals for sale - I've not sold an original for a while, and I realised I've grown oddly emotionally attached to my work. To save me from this hoarding instinct (which will only end with me alone in a house full of art work and hundred of cats), please buy them off me.

Etsy is rather lovely. Lots of people making things. With their very own hands. I like that sort of thing.

Capitalist moment over. I will now go and draw.

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