Friday, 19 July 2013

Exhibition, Breaking Convention, home for tea.

The 'Making Tracks' exhibition at the Brighton ONCA gallery is now hung and open to the public.

One of the women who runs the gallery was kind enough to send me some photos of how it looks. I really hope I get a chance to go down and see all the work at some point.

Here is my little beetle, bravely journeying over the blank of the paper

Where I did manage to get to recently was London - specifically Greenwich for Breaking Convention.
As it says on their website, this is a "biennial conference on psychedelic consciousness". We attended last time the event was held in Canterbury in 2011 (so much has happened and changed since then...). As last time, the range of speakers was very diverse. Some people speak from an 'insider' perspective as those who use psychedelics, often from a spiritual or religious perspective. There are also scientists who discus research into the effects, benefits and problems with various 'drugs'. I find the scientists the most interesting, as I so rarely encounter scientific thought and research in my life. 

This time, Ben Sessa spoke about benefits which can be gained by PTSD patients from controlled, clinical treatment with MDMA. Sadly, much important research into real advantages of such substances - when used in certain ways - is never funded, or never sees the light of day, because of the governments drug policy. 

Everyone seemed to have a good time together, despite the heat. Here we are posing for a conference photo with flowers - well, there has to be some hippy element to such an occasion.

The very odd sight of skyscrapers behind trees, rather than the Dartmoor hills I am now used to. 

And then we got the train and returned to Devon.
It is gorgeous here, green slowly baking into crisp gold. Phew.
Pizza for tea.

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  1. That looks like a wonderful pizza. Love the Beetle drawing.