Sunday, 21 July 2013


I have a mini-exhibition coming up in our local organic cafe. There is limited wall space, so as well as choosing a few of my bigger drawings to hang, I wanted to make some smaller images too.

I was thinking about why I love to draw people so much, rather than, say, houses or landscapes. For me, it is that people are such beautiful and mysterious creatures. You can talk with a person, you can touch them and laugh with them, but something about them remains always hidden, locked away and known only to themselves.
I think when drawings portraits or even in life classes, the artist has a chance to glean something about the subject of their attention in a different way. It is the same even in self portraits - it is an attempt to see yourself clearly or in a new way.

A person is never so locked into themselves as when they are asleep. Blind to the world, lost in a landscape of privates images, desires, nightmares, mundanity, joy...

These simple drawings are about dreaming. I have not attempted to draw the dreams, only the simple lines of the dreamer. As with all my recent work, the figure is unsupported, alone in space.

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