Monday, 17 June 2013

Little Book

As part of the ONCA exhibition 'Making Tracks', artist Pete Lally is creating a Suitcase Library which will be full of tiny books.

I love the idea so much, combining as it does a portable library, artists books, stories, art...many favourite things!

The teeny book I have filled in was inspired by a beautiful gift one of my new Chagford neighbours made to me - the body a of small Queen Bee whose had died when her hive had failed.

I used beeswax to glue a drawing of the queen into the miniature book. It adds another sensory layer, as the beeswax smells deliciously strong.

I hope I get a chance to see some of the content of the other book contributions, although as the project is taking place in Brighton, that might not be possible.

Devon continues to heal and delight. Last night there was klezmer music played in a field under fast moving clouds, as well as axe never know what a gathering held around here will entail...

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