Friday, 17 May 2013

Saying goodbye to Oxford

It has finally hit me that after living here, on and off, for around 8 years, I am leaving Oxford for good.
It has been an amazing place, both in happiness and grief; the place where I went to university, met and married my husband, made beautiful friends, had adventures, gained and lost a baby, and became fully an adult.

Over the last couple of days, as well as sorting and packing, I've had the chance to say goodbye...

... to the meadow near our flat...

And to a dear friend and her floating home... the Oxfordshire countryside and canals.... all the joys and sorrows that have made up my life here. I feel a little wistful sadness at the ending of a chapter, but mostly I feel excitement at the starting of something new. I know that I can navigate myself through all that is to come.


  1. Good luck and may the stars guide you into the new ports in your life's voyage. I can empathise with you, I still miss Oxford from time to time. It is a special place.

  2. Good luck to you both, and all the best for your new adventure!

    1. Thank you so much! You should see out box mountain...! xxx

  3. Hey Nomi,

    Saw this and thought you'd be interested in it and as i have no active facebook account could only think about this as a means to contact:

    Good luck in Devon.

    1. Thank you! Wow...I want to model for her!!

      I'm not on facebook either anymore, so this is the best place for contacting.
      Thanks for luck wishes - so far everything is utterly scrummy.

      Hope life is treating you well, god knows it likes to fu*k us around...xx