Thursday, 21 March 2013

The meaning in life and a bath in the woods

Andy (my husband) gave a talk recently and, as ever, I tagged along.
After the talk, we were put up by an old friend of his who holds a doctorate in mathematics (something which renders him, to me, somewhat of an otherworldly, magical creature), and who has written amazing books on mathematics and creation.
I hear they are amazing and that there is a chance I will even understand them (I am severely number dyslexic - dyscalculic), thanks to the clear explanation and writing, and great illustrations.
 Now that my MA is done with, they are second on my 'to read' list.

We stayed in here

We woke up to birdsong and stillness (rather than the shop below us opening, and the garage next to us screeching)

We stayed up drinking wine and talking about art, philosophy, ecology ...

The next morning we were led through the trees down a little path. It was chilly and fresh, and there were buzzards wheeling in the sky overhead. Then, through the naked branches, we saw blue smoke rising like mist...
And there was a bath for us! A tin bath over smoking embers. The embers were raked out before we got in (so as not to cook us). We were left alone to get undressed and jump in, amidst much giggling on my part. I lay in the hot water and looked up at those buzzards again. The woods were quiet except for the cracking of the embers. And for a time I felt hidden and safe and happy.
 It was very simple, and it was very strong.


  1. Few things in life are better than an outside bath in the woods!