Friday, 22 March 2013

The Broken-Hearted Puppet

I have been making creepy models again.

This one is fimo and wire like last time, but I also used feathers as well as beads to decorate the wire frame. I tried to mimic the skeleton with the wire. I'm not sure why I gave her wings instead of arms, it just seemed right.
I'm a bit happier with the face of this time, although it's still pretty wonky. I need lots more sculpture practice! I made the face hollow, like a mask, and hung it above the ribcage with thread rather than attempting to attach it with more wire. It means that if I hold her up, she tilts her head from left to right, so she's more puppet-like than my last attempt.

I wasn't sure what I was making as I went along. But when I painted her face, she started to look rather sad. I'd made a sort of heart for her chest, which dangles behind the little wire sternum. I stopped at her ribcage, so she has no pelvis.

Right now she is hanging from a hook on the wall. She seems to be staring out at the room. Her wings look little and frail. I think she looks broken hearted. Maybe she is a spirit of broken hearts, a guardian of those who feel reshaped by sorrow.


  1. Wistful and rather melancholic, as if she is being caught on thermals that are pulling on her.

  2. Beautiful and touching. Thanks for sharing Nomi. x