Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ask no questions of the moth

Back in 2012, I started (and never finished) a book making course in London.

I have finally finished one of the books I started (making was stalled by terrible morning sickness).
It is a zig-zag book. One cover is blue book cloth, the other is green. I filled it with picture of insects; beetles, butterflies, moths. Today I finally added some text using ink stamp letters, as well as using embossing powder to finish the covers and add decoration to the inside.

The text is from a translated poem by a Sufi mystic called Farid ud din Attar.
My partner was recently teaching about Muslim mysticism, which led me to read around Sufi poetry a little more than I had done before. Since being thrown into a more heightened state by grief, some of these poems make a little more emotional sense. I feel more connected to what the authors might have been experiencing as they wrote them.

This particular bit of text, taken from a longer poem, seems to be about a moment of intense spiritual insight. The poet is both lost and full of love and knowledge.
Plus, a moth is mentioned, and they are my very favourite creatures. 

It is another strange coincidence that I drew all these insects, these little fleeting lives, whilst I was pregnant. We call Lyra May a mayfly, in honour of those existences which are short yet beautiful.

 The full text quote in my first little book reads:

"...The whole thing happened quicker than a breath
 ask no questions of the moth.
In the candle flame of his face
I have forgotten all of the answers..."


  1. Beautiful. I am so glad that working on this brought you some healing and a sense of closeness to Lyra.

  2. Beautiful Nomi. You and your work move and astound me.