Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Jack of Diamonds

I have been away in Crete
Having no idea of what to expect from the island, I was very happy to discover a land of heat, olive trees, vultures, lush gorges and delicious local food. The sun bakes the growing herbs and the smell carries through the air. 

The sun bakes the ground as well, meaning that rocks and thorny low-growing plants flourish. As do the goats. Is their a word for something which you can smell before you see or heat it? There should be.

Ah, even the evenings were warm, meaning that during the day even I could get in the sea. 
We saw actual living fish swimming in the ocean. I realised I've probably not been snorkeling since I was in Australia, which must has been have been at least 6 years ago. I'd like to kid myself that I would go snorkeling in England if I lived anywhere near the sea, but I fear it is only warm enough here twice a year. 

The routine of our days involved mini adventures, swimming and then eating in one of the many taverna's. Our favourite was a small family run place which looked out over the ocean. 
We ate octopus, herb flavoured chips, tiny fried fishes, prawns in a sublime tomato sauce and, my favourite, dakos - crisp bread topped with olive oil, tomato puree, soft white cheese and herbs. 

But that was weeks ago. 

Since being home, I have been ill and it has been cold. 
I'm not training aerial at the moment, so I'm intending to turn my focus more steadfastly towards art. My intentions have been somewhat thwarted by being sick, but soon! Soon. 

In the meantime, I have been asked by some Oxford organisers to design a poster for a gig which will be happening in December. 
The name of the night is 'The Jack of Diamonds Cabaret'. I have tried to image a Jack Diamond sort of character, drawn here before all the text and info is added...  

It's good to have something to focus on other than feeling rough and sadly remembering being on holiday.