Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Arvon - Text and Image

One of the best thing for me about the Arvon course was having my own little space in which to think and work. 

With a hill to walk up...

And a vegetable patch to look out over.

I worked on new drawings, on combining text with my images in various ways and eating large dinners at an ancient looking wooden table. 

Sadly, the course did not inspire or hold me in quite the way I had hope for...Partly due to my own needs and lack of experience.  I left feeling sad and unseen. The best thing for me was meeting a woman who makes artists books. These tiny treasures are exquisite pieces of work, combining my favourite things; drawings, photographs, found text and objects, story and poetry. So, in the end I did leave inspired and with a new mission:

to learn to make books.


  1. I like the sound/look of these artists' books. I feel they could be the perfect medium for your talents... Get on it, lady.

  2. Oh my goodness Amanda, I am actually, physically in love with them. My heart is fluttering and everything. Worry ye not - I'm booked onto a three month making course, starting in September :)
    It can come round soon enough - I am exploding with ideas. :)