Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New drawing hero!

Please check out the work of New York based artist Jess Fink.

She seems completely lovely - as much as one can tell such a thing from looking at internet bits. She draws all manner of delightful comics, including some very excellent porn.

I recommend Chester 500, if you like that kind of thing...:) 

Monday, 16 July 2012

Story of Stories...Helix

Here is a hipstermatic version of a drawing I recently finished as part of an illustration project I am working on...Sorry he's on his side, I can't seem to right him for now.

Sunrise festival day one...

Raining. But lots of beautiful sculptures have been created, and the site is looking its most beautiful yet.

I'm looking forward to some French dancing this weekend and lots of music this Friday night.

Only distressing thing was that some bloke tried to rob us last night...he failed thankfully, due to serendipity rather than caution on our part. Phew.

Rain rain rain

We ran off to Cornwall for a few days:

Since then, Andy has been in France hunting the elusive, ultimate bagpipe/Breton experience. 
I have been doing a good impression of someone definitely, not in any way, moping around the flat. I've nearly finished all the illustrations I've been working on for the Story of Stories project. 
There is just one to go and then I can begin assembling then all with the text...

This artiness may have to wait until September, as I'm approaching the final few thousand words of my dissertation and it might be foolish to lose my verbal stride now.  

Here are some minimal little drawings from my fresh new sketch book. How delicious it is to start a new one!