Monday, 4 June 2012

Story of stories

I've begun illustrating a story which Andy wrote a while ago.
It's a project designed to prompt unusual imagery, as well as to let me go through the process of laying out a book.
Which will involve finding specialised software...does anyone have any ideas on that score?!

Here are some hipstermatic pics of the first drawings. More soon...


  1. is not bad, I have a book in progress featuring the work of the children in my class. It does pay to play around and the self editing suite can be a bit limiting.
    You have to watch out for sizing on unusual shaped pictures. However they do offer a range of sizes and formats.
    will take you to my husbands first book of photography to give you an idea. The finish is good and the stitchbinding is good quality. Bit limited on fonts, but you can browse other books for ideas

    Letterology mentions a book editing suite in her latest posting. I suspect that it requires a licence to use it
    Hope that helps

    1. This is a great start, thank you! I'm getting so into this book making idea that I might have to actually part with money for software...but we'll see!
      Hmm, I could take a book-making course too...ooops, all after I've finished my work of course :)

  2. PS your art is beautiful and I am anticipating your finished, joint endeavour.

    1. Thanks Charlotte :)
      I'm thinking of making a proper old fashioned website at some point soon. I'm going to put links to buy prints and get proper scans of my work up there.
      When the book is finished I'm hoping to get one of those click through wossnames of the first few pages, and then maybe have a link to buy copies :)
      Andys story is mad - and beautiful!