Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Blogger has this interesting function whereby you can see the search terms people have used to arrive at your blog. I think it must be because I've blogged, (fairly mildly and infrequently it must be said), about kink, transvestism and shibari that people find my blog through some delightfully naughty searches. I actually feel a little sorry for them, for the mild disappointment they must experience when they realise I'm writing and not uploading porn at all.
Still, all that borne in mind, I'm still going to title this entry 'harness' and see what happens.

These are pictures from the harness workshop I took with Company Retouramont, which I rather suspect inflamed my sciatica...Not their fault at all, warm ups and cool downs were great, we worked safely etc. I just think I have a substandard back. Thanks genetics.

Bungee against a wall...
Still, aside from my usual frustrations at ground work (it takes me an age to learn floor choreography. Honestly, it's embarrassing. I think aerial creates a kind of life or death incentive that activates the 'learn this NOW' part of my brain) the workshop was good fun. We tried wall running on harness, bungee dance, static harness improvisations...

My very favourite was counter-balance harness. We tried out a system whereby one partner sat on the floor (most of us had to be additionally secured by a more heavy and sturdy gentleman sitting behind us and holding our climbing harnesses) and the other climbed the taught mainline.
Once airborne, you can move around the taught line as if flying - it felt a bit like corde lisse, at an angle, but with such a reduced need for arm muscles that it was dream-like, like being in water. I was ecstatic.

So, it is a little bit of a shame that I feel rather a lot of hesitation about the idea of doing any harness work again. I'm just not sure the small of my back can take that much pressure. We'll see. As it is, I'm still on a bit of a break from aerial training as my back is not back (er...) to normal. I've seen people who are long-term injured, and I do not want to end up in that place.
It is good that I can use the time to fully focus on my dissertation, rather than, you know, spending ages uploading photos and writing blog entries.

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  1. I hope your back feels better soon and that you get your spring back, metaphorically and physically. Vikki x