Saturday, 24 March 2012

Corde Lisse routine 'Ground Effect'

The video did upload!
(Sadly the beginning sequence is missing from this video, due to the camera not picking up in low light.)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Ground Effects stills

Seeing as it will probably take my computer around 4 days to upload the video of my corde lisse routine, and my video editing software claims that I cannot edit due to film formats (naturally a microsoft movie editing programme cannot open a .mov file...), I thought I might just post some stills from it instead.

I will probably try and upload it later. But I fear for my laptops safety, I really do.

There was a thing going on with the dress, I'm sure you can all guess the symbolism...

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dancing Oxford...

My two nights at the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford have been and gone.
I got to know some really talented and inspiring people backstage - both other performers and crew - and had a good old giggle in the dressing room.

For me, the shows contained several revelations. I came to appreciate just how much I love creating - how much joy I had taken in all the hours rehearsing and choreographing. How lucky I was to be given, not only space to train in my home town, but the support to create a finished aerial piece. This meant a lot to me, because as I have not been formally trained in a circus school, I'm always keenly aware that I have missed out on projects, presentations of work etc etc.
Most gratifying of all, I was able to stand (well, hang) on stage and feel a revelatory absence - no fear, no worry, just excitement at performing my work and pleasure to be in the air on my rope.

Here are some slightly mad, psychedelic photos from dress rehearsal. It's my fault they are like this - I didn't want to risk getting flash blind and missing the rope! I actually rather like the way they have come out.

It feels like a graduation of sorts, after two and half years of hard work studying aerial dance.
I can't wait to get better and make more!