Thursday, 23 February 2012

Moving with the Times

Everything is underway for the Oxford Dance Festival platform - Moving with the Times.

I have been rehearsing in the wonderful Oxford-based studio space in the Pegasus theatre. I can barely describe how delicious it is to jump on my bike and pedel up to my rope, play, dance, condition and then nip home without a train in sight.
My lovely friend Charlie Henry - who trained in physical theatre and clowning - came to give me an outside eye a few days ago. It was so, so helpful! It really is not possible to work and create completely in isolation. Especially not performance work, and especially not if you've never actually had any in depth training on the subject.
What a learning curve!
I am intrigued to see how I will feel come the performance dates. So far I am oscillating between nervousness and nervous-excitement...and I am struck by how emotionally exhausting I find preparation for performing. I wonder if this gets easier with practise?
Looking around me at performers I know, I think this probably is not the case.

Still, it is gratifying to think that in only three-ish years of aerial training, on and off, I have got to the stage of having a full length piece of work to share. This is a major feat of will and bravery for me, who at one point was too shy to order my own cups of tea in cafes...

So, if you are in Oxford, come along!

And now I have to go to the local radio station to talk about ropes...very strange! And the tonight I am going to a shadow puppetry workshop in London. I'm still thinking about ways to fuse art and performance, and puppetry still makes me giddy with excitement when I see it done well.

Talking of art and performance - if you are in Brighton on the 3rd of March, DRAW and the Drawing Circus are venturing into the land of faery-tales...
Six hours of blissful drawing, interwoven with story, the best life models out there, theatre. beautiful costumes, circus (yours truly), music and you making art from it all!

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