Friday, 27 January 2012

Ground Effect

Ground Effect, I discovered, is a term in aerodynamics which refers to increased lift and decreased drag experienced by light aircraft and birds when flying a wingspans distance from the ground. It is ground effect which causes the sensation of floating when a light aircraft comes in to land.

I thought this was an appropriate name for an aerial piece, especially as it also draws attention to the ground. The presence of the ground is what causes tension after all - as the dancer moves nearer or further from it, strong visual images are created.
I like the idea of trying to reach the ground from the air, of finding your way to it, with the rope as your path.

This piece will be extended for the Oxford Dance Festival in March. I'm currently playing around with clothing, looking at simple ways of expressing themes to do with gender. The scratch night where this film was taken was useful as the audience were able to give feedback around their responses.
I'm interested in how people respond to aerial imagery, especially where issues of gender are concerned.

 If anyone would like to offer feedback here, please do!

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