Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Friday, 27 January 2012

Ground Effect

Ground Effect, I discovered, is a term in aerodynamics which refers to increased lift and decreased drag experienced by light aircraft and birds when flying a wingspans distance from the ground. It is ground effect which causes the sensation of floating when a light aircraft comes in to land.

I thought this was an appropriate name for an aerial piece, especially as it also draws attention to the ground. The presence of the ground is what causes tension after all - as the dancer moves nearer or further from it, strong visual images are created.
I like the idea of trying to reach the ground from the air, of finding your way to it, with the rope as your path.

This piece will be extended for the Oxford Dance Festival in March. I'm currently playing around with clothing, looking at simple ways of expressing themes to do with gender. The scratch night where this film was taken was useful as the audience were able to give feedback around their responses.
I'm interested in how people respond to aerial imagery, especially where issues of gender are concerned.

 If anyone would like to offer feedback here, please do!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Dance Event...

To anyone reading this who is a French (or Cornish) dance fan - see flyer attached!

My husband and his band constellation WOD (Andy Letcher, Jane Griffiths and Jim Penny) are playing with a Cornish band in our adopted home town of Oxford.

Come and dance!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


There are too many moleskine notebooks in this damned Oxford garret (in which I picture us starving together like Parisian bohemians, the only thing in our cupboard a bottle of absinthe, keeping each other warm by love making and furious painting/playing on bagpipes...Obviously things are not actually that bad. Although I can't currently afford any absinthe and the carpet has seen better days).
I just wasted several precious minutes opening and closing what felt like 50 before finding my sketch book.  
Sadly, none contained anything alarming or exciting, though one was last years dates diary.  It resembled a giant list of things to do. I must cultivate a more jolly attitude to life-tasks. 

The End of the World (Dec 21st - I'll see you there), my Saturn Return (if you are into that sort of thing) and the last year of my masters. If it does turn out to be T.E.O.T.W then I don't need to trouble myself over this, however, if we all survive more or less unchanged after December, I shall have to do some fairly serious thinking over what my next steps on this planet should be.
My doctrine of 'going with the flow' (this makes me sound far less uptight than I really am) can only get one so far in the adult realm. What a drag.

Still, the year got off to an amazingly beautiful start involving myself, my husband, and several of the best people who have ever lived playing music/listening/singing inside a lighthouse on Lundy Island. I'll never tell it as he does, so please see my husbands account here.
It was such a magical experience, from communing with bold, curious seals (16 at close range! We would have eaten well that night...had our party included an adept Inuit hunter) to long, cliff walks. I did learn however, and much to my horror, that there are more than one kind of '-'. Why do they not teach this in schools? All that time wasted on 'algebra'.

Since being home the gods have seen fit to grant me a long held wish - I finally have somewhere to hang my rope in Oxford. The Pegasus Theatre's studio space, where I am taking part in a dance scratch night on Friday.
Coinciding with this frankly f**king fantastic event was the arrival of a photographer from the local paper, wanting shots to promote the Dance Festival and the Peg. Which is how I ended up on the front page.

I'm not totally sure how I feel about this. The caption especially. It makes me sound like an ambitious person who would use the word 'career'.
The picture is good though.

I have also been drawing in my new found free time (not being spent on trains to and from London).

Copy from a photograph in Pretty Litter Magazine

The Lotus Eater

The Lotus Eater is a drawing I did when I was about 12. I wanted to try it again, especially paying attention to the way in which James Jean uses colour. I'm trying to learn from his work and get my confidence up for some 2012 painting projects - I have to crack on before December after all...

I am working on this drawing, referencing by Snow White, having been inspired by the faery tales theme for Brighton DRAW this year.

A good start!