Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Aerial news

Whilst the sensible trees and birds and so forth seem to be taking it down a level in preparation for winter, I seem to be busier than ever. Not that I'm complaining - I'd rather be busy than staring into space wondering what I'm doing with my life...
I have a cabaret charity gig in Bromley later in December. The cabaret is movie themed, and I have made a very short Bram Stokers Dracula inspired piece. I've always wanted to be a vampire...good times.

The video is me working on two moves I'm not quite ready to perform yet. But I'm getting very happy with my Flag - that's the first move I do. I've always found it rather tricky - I blame my tiny, tiny hands.

I also put in a proposal to Oxford Dance Festival for next March which has been accepted. I'm going to be making a 6-ish minute piece around the theme of gender. Creativity ahoy! Very thrilled and delighted and scared...!

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