Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have been experimenting with fimo...and wire...and beads...

Here is the fimo face, before I painted it.
I sculpted a body and tail about of wire, creating a frame, like a sketch of form from the wire. As ever it was economy which restricted my method - I couldn't afford enough fimo to cover the whole body, so I decided to sculpt a face and hands only.

(There was more detail in the body, not shown in this picture)
The face after painting - I used watercolours.

I made the hands last - here they are cooking in the oven...I eventually attached them using a much finer wire, which I threaded with beads and sequins.

Rotate your view - I forgot to rotate the photo...

I have created a...well, potentially a monster, though these things are of course subjective. I don't think these photos do my creature justice, but then parents never can see the flaws in their own children.

Watch this space for my next puppet/doll.

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