Monday, 17 October 2011

Duotone Album launch - still landing...

Saturday was the long-anticipated launch of Duotone's new album, Ropes. Go and have a look/learn/listen here.

The event was truly incredible - a wonderful thing to be a part of. Every performer was talented, inspiring and, most importantly, open-hearted and generous.

It was my third gig to date.
Warming up back-stage, hearing the audience coming in and taking their seats, seeing the house lights go down, the dust from my over-rosin'ed hands drifting in the air, my beating heart...What sensations!
And walking across the stage, hearing the strings for my piece begin, pushing my toes around my rope...catching glimpses of the sea of half-lit, upside down faces from my ankle hang...!

The music from everyone was just amazing - Wod, Jane Griffiths and Colin Fletcher (see Duotone website for their brand new CD) and Duotone themselves - Barney Morse-Brown and James Garrett - supported by a host of voices - I was stunned by Raevennan Husbandes, check out her and her voice!
And the lovely Charlie Henry, flitting about being beautiful, helpful and bringer of picnics...

This is the reason I pursued aerial - to share a stage and time with artists like these.

All images by Kate Raworth

Following photos by Andy Letcher

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