Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Drawing Circus!

My first Autumnal post, though is barely felt like it for the last few days...Forgive my Englishness in commenting on the weather, but for once I think it actually was note-worthy.

What is more note-worthy is the wonder that was the Drawing Circus in Brighton!
It was a fairy intensive day - I worked 9am till getting on the train home at 9pm, with six hours modelling in the middle. Interesting how 12 working hours can wizz by when your creative juices are flowing and you are surrounded by welcoming, creative types.
Not to mention half-clad/nude extremely beautiful women folk. I don't think they'll mind me saying so...

I took the part of the Aerialist in a crumbling circus...My new rope made a beautiful prop, although sadly I was banned from climbing it due to the theatres health and safety policy. I took this as a challenge, and tried to express on the ground the relationship of the equipment to my body. I hope I communicated something of the aerial to the sea of concentrated drawers I posed for.

Jake Spicer's vision of theatre meets tableau meets life drawings, combined with his aesthetic made for a beautifully inspiring setting. I was a little torn as to what was more fun - modelling as I was, or drawing the models.

More photos will emerge over the next few days and I will blog them. For now, here are some shots by Nick Caro of yours truly which I'm rather pleased with...:)
Find Nick's beautiful photographic work at nickcarophotography.co.uk


  1. possibly a better link is http://brightondrawing.tumblr.com/
    in which Jake says "pictures soon". Meanwhile http://drawstringblog.wordpress.com/2011/10/02/the-drawing-circus/ (though not too many of you Nomi).

    Indistinct rubbishy drawing from me here http://www.flickr.com/photos/drift-words/6204322096/in/set-72157623527486794

  2. Thank Matt - I actually meant to link to the first one you've out there but...er...didn't.