Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today was my birthday, and we went to Savernake Forest for a walk and picnic.
The path was littered with chestnuts which we later made into stuffing for our dinner pumpkin. The woods looked beautiful, glowing in the sunlight, welcoming and creepy in equal turn (as forests often are).

I reflected that 27 years is a very short amount of time.  I must be like a mayfly to the oaks of Savernake.
Though it is long enough to feel bewitched and addicted to life...

Strange mushrooms...

My 26th year contained - starting my Masters, performing my first aerial theatre gigs, working like a nutter, walking Oxfordshire's Ridgway, making some drawings I'm very happy with, making new exciting friends and the first year of my marriage....


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  1. Happy Birthday Nomi! Ahhh, 27...I think I remember that! ;-)