Thursday, 27 October 2011


I have been experimenting with fimo...and wire...and beads...

Here is the fimo face, before I painted it.
I sculpted a body and tail about of wire, creating a frame, like a sketch of form from the wire. As ever it was economy which restricted my method - I couldn't afford enough fimo to cover the whole body, so I decided to sculpt a face and hands only.

(There was more detail in the body, not shown in this picture)
The face after painting - I used watercolours.

I made the hands last - here they are cooking in the oven...I eventually attached them using a much finer wire, which I threaded with beads and sequins.

Rotate your view - I forgot to rotate the photo...

I have created a...well, potentially a monster, though these things are of course subjective. I don't think these photos do my creature justice, but then parents never can see the flaws in their own children.

Watch this space for my next puppet/doll.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Today was my birthday, and we went to Savernake Forest for a walk and picnic.
The path was littered with chestnuts which we later made into stuffing for our dinner pumpkin. The woods looked beautiful, glowing in the sunlight, welcoming and creepy in equal turn (as forests often are).

I reflected that 27 years is a very short amount of time.  I must be like a mayfly to the oaks of Savernake.
Though it is long enough to feel bewitched and addicted to life...

Strange mushrooms...

My 26th year contained - starting my Masters, performing my first aerial theatre gigs, working like a nutter, walking Oxfordshire's Ridgway, making some drawings I'm very happy with, making new exciting friends and the first year of my marriage....


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

'Owl' Routine Video

Barney has just posted a video of our gig at the North Wall - taken on a iphone, amazing...

You can also see their beautiful songs performed on their video page here.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Duotone Album launch - still landing...

Saturday was the long-anticipated launch of Duotone's new album, Ropes. Go and have a look/learn/listen here.

The event was truly incredible - a wonderful thing to be a part of. Every performer was talented, inspiring and, most importantly, open-hearted and generous.

It was my third gig to date.
Warming up back-stage, hearing the audience coming in and taking their seats, seeing the house lights go down, the dust from my over-rosin'ed hands drifting in the air, my beating heart...What sensations!
And walking across the stage, hearing the strings for my piece begin, pushing my toes around my rope...catching glimpses of the sea of half-lit, upside down faces from my ankle hang...!

The music from everyone was just amazing - Wod, Jane Griffiths and Colin Fletcher (see Duotone website for their brand new CD) and Duotone themselves - Barney Morse-Brown and James Garrett - supported by a host of voices - I was stunned by Raevennan Husbandes, check out her and her voice!
And the lovely Charlie Henry, flitting about being beautiful, helpful and bringer of picnics...

This is the reason I pursued aerial - to share a stage and time with artists like these.

All images by Kate Raworth

Following photos by Andy Letcher

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Duotone Album launch

I am currently rehearsing like a mad...gibbon (?) for the launch gig for 'Ropes' (great name) by Duotone.  
The gig is happening at a very cool little arts center just around the corner from where I live, which is called The North Wall.

Tickets and info can be found by clicking here.


I am really excited, proud and nervous to be involved in this, as it also involves basically everyone from the Oxford art scene who inspired me to want to be a performer.

Pictures and video to follow after Saturday.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Drawing Circus!

My first Autumnal post, though is barely felt like it for the last few days...Forgive my Englishness in commenting on the weather, but for once I think it actually was note-worthy.

What is more note-worthy is the wonder that was the Drawing Circus in Brighton!
It was a fairy intensive day - I worked 9am till getting on the train home at 9pm, with six hours modelling in the middle. Interesting how 12 working hours can wizz by when your creative juices are flowing and you are surrounded by welcoming, creative types.
Not to mention half-clad/nude extremely beautiful women folk. I don't think they'll mind me saying so...

I took the part of the Aerialist in a crumbling circus...My new rope made a beautiful prop, although sadly I was banned from climbing it due to the theatres health and safety policy. I took this as a challenge, and tried to express on the ground the relationship of the equipment to my body. I hope I communicated something of the aerial to the sea of concentrated drawers I posed for.

Jake Spicer's vision of theatre meets tableau meets life drawings, combined with his aesthetic made for a beautifully inspiring setting. I was a little torn as to what was more fun - modelling as I was, or drawing the models.

More photos will emerge over the next few days and I will blog them. For now, here are some shots by Nick Caro of yours truly which I'm rather pleased with...:)
Find Nick's beautiful photographic work at