Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Preparations for the Drawing Circus begin...

I am helping with one of Jake Spicer's upcoming projects!

Making a mermaids tale

Painting in bright, camp colours. (Can colours be camp? Hmm.)
I have also been working hard on my routine whilst attending an excellent aerial performance course with Amanda Miles and Clare Midgley at the helm. The course was really helpful, or rather the women there were - amazing, friendly and supportive. And I surprised myself by enjoying a clowning workshop which was run by a woman of seemingly boundless energy who had spent time working with Cirque Du Soleil.

Here is my routine before Amanda worked on it with me - after which it looked so much better! Sadly, my camera chose that time to develop some sort of self awareness, alongside a spiteful personality, and wouldn't record properly. Ho hum.

Forgive the background sounds which have a distinct swimming pool quality to them. I was listening to the music written for it at the time (I think at some point you can see me putting my headphones back in my ears) but it doesn't seem right to share the music before the gig in October...