Sunday, 21 August 2011

Portrait, Brighton and Circus

A few weeks ago, a very lovely friend of mine from the old Devon days (who now resides in Bristol), asked me to draw a portrait of her.

I worked from a photograph (sitting not really an option living in different towns) but added my own spin on what her earring should depict...I always think of ice creams now when I picture Roxy, though this is because of an anecdote I cannot relate...Suffice to say it involved youthful shenanigans and a giant ice cream (although even saying that may be too much for those in the know).

I am pleased with the final result, and was delighted with having a new face to legitimately draw from. I am slightly concerned that always drawing myself will result in me learning my own features very well, and then never being able to draw anyone else.

I had a very good time in Brighton attending the Aerial Dance Festival (doing silks with Fred Deb, an amazing teacher from France) and catching some of the Pride goings on. I walked to my course each day down by the sea, which was sparkling in bright sunshine all but one of the days.
Sadly I failed to bring my camera along to any of it!

I also met an artist with a circusy aesthetic - Jake Spicer, founder of the Brighton Drawing School. Check out his beautiful work, which partly reminds me of Austin Osmond Spare's.
There is no higher praise....


  1. This is my favourite of your portraits I've seen. I can see the friendship.