Wednesday, 10 August 2011

News Flash

If you are unfamiliar with them, go and check out the artists Alex Ross and James Jean. There work is beautiful, full of narrative (obviously so in one case, as he is a graphic novel/comic book illustrator) and utterly amazing. I felt very grateful indeed to my still existing local library for stocking books about each of them.

As for creative thing - I have added some details to the odd green face I sculpted recently. I've been in contact with a local puppet maker and performer, and he has been kind enough to say I can visit his studio. Will blog about that soon...

I finished a portrait that I was commissioned to draw. I'm very happy with it and will put up pics once I've sent it. Doesn't seem right to post it before I' it.

I've also finished the skeleton choreography for my new aerial routine which I'm showing in October. The musician I'm working with has finished the original music for the piece (!) and it is completely beautiful. Perfect for sky-dancing.

I'm sincerely hoping that the London rioting has calmed sufficiently by next week for me to go and start practising with my music. And in because that sounded horribly selfish (unintentionally!) I do, of course, hope that people's normality and safety is soon restored.
Strange times...surreal and, as several people have commented, oddly like the start of some science fiction novel.

Off to Brighton for four days for an aerial silks workshop (and hopefully a life drawing class).
Spoilt rotten!

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