Friday, 8 July 2011

Bee Sting

The bee that was initially going to be in this drawing seems to have flown off during the execution of it...

Fun at Circus Space, first video is of a new, very open, drop (!) and a climb hidered by my not knowing my left from my right - such things are important in rope placement!


  1. "Cool and weird!"
    "Cool is for how great you were and weird is for how strong the rope is!"
    I have just shown your videos to my boys (John 9, Matthew 6) You have achieved the ultimate accolade "Cool".
    John wants you to know that his primary school has a circus skills troupe, mostly boys, It is one of the most popular clubs in school.
    We think you are amazing.

  2. Wow - thanks guys :) I am very impressed the school has a circus troupe - what a great idea!
    I have to say rope is definately one of the coolest things I've ever seen :)...and getting stronger is one of the most rewarding experiences.

  3. Your drawing's great. Do you work from photos?
    And the videos are so impressive. I know what you mean about feeling strong. It gets my mind strong too. Would love to see more videos as you go on.

  4. Thank Lunar - I'm working on a routine at the moment for a gig in October, so hopefully I'll have a good video of that soon.

    As for the drawing, yes, (naughtily) I work from photos. I know some artists who say that's a total no-no, but I like the effect it gives.