Wednesday, 20 July 2011

An Adventure into the Third Dimension

I've been in Cornwall for a while visiting my sister.

Whilst there we discovered that we have both recently developed an interest in puppets and dolls, with a view to making our own.
My sister discovered a whole scene of Ball Jointed Doll making (or painting), which is referred to as 'BJD'. The dolls all have a fairly manga-esque feel to them, with big eyes and tiny mouths and noses. They are extremely beautiful in some cases and unsettlingly realistic in others.

I also discovered several artists online who make dolls, puppets and sculptural figures. Most notably was the work in this online gallery by Pat Lillich. Amazing! And so inspiring...

Now I've never worked in 3D before so my efforts are...mixed.
We started trying on a very small scale in kids Plasticine:

Then progressed to trying a slightly larger scale with something called 'Sculpey' which is basically the same as Fimo:

We painted our creations with acrylic, which was not the best medium on this clay but it was all that was to hand...

I was struck by the puppet-potential of even a simple mask-face. Once put into motion with a human body, our little creatures had an unexpectedly strong character - even without a body of any kind!

So, there you have it. Another obsession to add to my collection. My only worry is where I am going to store all the thing I make...Our flat is already a living space and a library, and must now function as studio and store!

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  1. Lovely face, I know what you mean about puppets, there is something wonderful about the potential life in them.
    If you find out where to store them let me know, I have a 5 metre dinosaur looking for a home.