Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I had my second aerial gig, this time at the Pegasus Theatre in Oxford.

I performed alongside Matt Sage and his band again, but this time we had smoke, lighting, and I had my rope rigged at a more interesting height!
The tech guys were really lovely, I felt very looked after. 

It was an interesting experience, both emotionally and technically,  as I had my first taste of a dressing room and backstage area in which to feel nervous...Thankfully, nerves only lasted about 60 seconds into my routine (which manifested as my feet shaking, something my partner could unfortunately see from where he was sitting) and then I actually rather enjoyed myself.

The audience seemed to enjoy it, and I had lots of positive comments from people afterwards.

I really hope I can repeat the performing experience in new ways and places - outside from trees, at festivals, in theatres with shows and puppets and storytelling....(cue dream sequence...)

Tonight I am going to have my first silks lesson in ages, as a sign of my commitment to trying to train twice a week. It is, as always, money not enthusiasm which holds me back, but hopefully with a little more life modelling work I will be able to start regularly studying silks.


  1. Amazing! Love the idea of combining aerial with puppets and storytelling.