Monday, 18 April 2011

New Colouring Pencils

I'm having so much fun it is almost tempting to try finger painting again too...and play dough.

Here is a self portrait work in progress...(Not sure exactly where I'm going with it as it began as just a test piece for the delicious box of colouring pencils my friend Sue found for me in a charity shop.)

It might need a moth...most things do.


  1. Hi Nomi,
    I've lurked here on and off, but thought I'd join up! Your portrait is looking fantastic, I love colour pencils and think they are a vastly under-rated medium. You have so much control and can build up layers and layers with them. And much more portable than paints! Looking forward to seeing the finished drawing.
    :) Christina

  2. Thanks Christina :)Yes, as I said, not totally sure where this drawing is going next. It is having a little rest whilst I consider it...
    Glad you are enjoying my art.

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