Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Museums and Magic

Our friends Rima and Tom came to stay a few days ago. 

It is a curious thing, but when friends stay I always start to see the place I live in afresh. A little bit like when one babysits small children and everything starts to look much taller and more riddled with dangers than it usually does...

Oxford however did not look full of lurking pitfalls, rather it was blossoming with spring and museum-held treasures.

Astrolabes, nitsuiki and various charms in the Science Museum...

Green men, hidden college gardens and eerie angelic figuers on the rooftops...

This visit to the Pitt Rivers revealed things I have never noticed before. I have never been to the Pitt without seeing something new. This time noh masks (read the labels of what they depict...) and a mole in a glass jar.

In the evening we went out onto the meadow.
There was a heroic gathering of wood and I decorated of the space with my wedding bunting and jam jar lanterns.
I wished my teenage self could stumble across us, as we sang together and played music, so she could have a little glimpse into the future and I how I (finally) found wonderful people to be with.  

Wedding Bunting



1 comment:

  1. Ah, wasn't it lovely :)
    I echo your teenage self's thoughts... what a wonderful thing to share the fire with such good folk as your dear selves it was.
    Thank you for all the wonders!
    Your photos are great too...
    Til next time, perhaps in Devon, with paintbrushes! xxx