Friday, 1 April 2011


This stern looking man was drawn from a painting in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford.

What started as a fairly distracted doodle took on a strange quality - I had a bizarre and unexpected sense of connection to the original artist. I imagined I could see this man, whoever he was, how he would have shifted as he sat. The dust which would have caught the light around him, the quality of his skin, the sound of him breathing.

It made me think how art can be like a diary in a way, an attempt to record our lives, to inscribe ourselves into time. Which is, in part, what this blog must be too.

Attending an aerial/mindfulness workshop last Sunday, seems to have unexpectedly unstuck something which was barring my creativity.
I woke this morning thinking about all my disparate creative pursuits - drawing, aerial, poetry/writing, my MA.

Browsing the Internet I found this website, where the artist is using her body, butoh dance, and her fine art skills to create a whole environment of impressions.

I am very excited about this use of multi-disciplines...I've been scribbling away in my diary and am full of direction.
Pity there is not the time right now to get on with it!

This picture can show some of the ideas I am thinking about...To show everything I want to will require photographs, nudity (of course...), film, drawings and paintings, and possibly some of the poems I have been working on.

Is there anything more pleasurable than creative endeavour?
Well, one or two things, but...

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