Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have safely submitted this terms essay and I am now sitting back feeling simultaneously relaxed and excited.

The spring has already offered multiple treats, and I am looking forward to seeing what will grow in the summertime.
I plan on doing as much training as possible, as much art as I can squeeze from my fingertips and a good deal of adventuring.

For now, spot the golden egg of spring...(visual easter egg hunt...)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Monday, 18 April 2011


A while ago I posed for some photos taken by my friend Roxy Butler (artist, photographer).

She used the pictures we created in an exhibition she had recently in Stokes Croft, Bristol.
Sadly I couldn't make the exhibition, but it looks amazing and was a great success. The other two artists are very inspiring too. 

She has kindly said I can put some of the photos up here: (nudity ahoy...)

I'm really looking forward to working with her again soon. The next set will involve some aerialist skills...

New Colouring Pencils

I'm having so much fun it is almost tempting to try finger painting again too...and play dough.

Here is a self portrait work in progress...(Not sure exactly where I'm going with it as it began as just a test piece for the delicious box of colouring pencils my friend Sue found for me in a charity shop.)

It might need a moth...most things do.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


I decided to try something new this week, inspired in part by the psychedelics conference (or rather, by my reflections on psychedelic imagery whilst at the conference) and in part by an artist called Dorothy who creates amazing, complex pattern drawings.

One line. I've lost my mind.

I'm now working on a drawing with the coloured pencils I used here. They are potentially going to be more portable than watercolour paint, and more simple to get out and use.
Which is important when one lives in two smallish rooms with another person...

I've also been rekindling my love of graphic novels and doing lots of eyeballing online. And experimenting in my sketch book. When I get paid I'm going to go to the comic book shop in Brighton and buy lots of 'reference' books...

If anyone knows of any graphic novels I must aquaint myself with, please let me know...

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Museums and Magic

Our friends Rima and Tom came to stay a few days ago. 

It is a curious thing, but when friends stay I always start to see the place I live in afresh. A little bit like when one babysits small children and everything starts to look much taller and more riddled with dangers than it usually does...

Oxford however did not look full of lurking pitfalls, rather it was blossoming with spring and museum-held treasures.

Astrolabes, nitsuiki and various charms in the Science Museum...

Green men, hidden college gardens and eerie angelic figuers on the rooftops...

This visit to the Pitt Rivers revealed things I have never noticed before. I have never been to the Pitt without seeing something new. This time noh masks (read the labels of what they depict...) and a mole in a glass jar.

In the evening we went out onto the meadow.
There was a heroic gathering of wood and I decorated of the space with my wedding bunting and jam jar lanterns.
I wished my teenage self could stumble across us, as we sang together and played music, so she could have a little glimpse into the future and I how I (finally) found wonderful people to be with.  

Wedding Bunting



Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Breaking Convention Psychedelics Conference and Canterbury

The conference of psychedelic consciousness in Canterbury. The first conference I've ever been to where flowers were handed out at the start of the lectures...

The Gormenghast-esque Cathedral and creatures of Canterbury (hidden in wood and stone...)