Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stained Glass and Tai Chi

I am having a few days in Cornwall with my family.

So far, I have been to a Tai Chi/Chi Gung lesson with my father, and my mother has shown me all about her stained glass. It's always really interesting to hear someone talk about something for which they have a real passion, and both my parents are passionate about movement/art respectively.

I'm clearly very much their child!

Tai Chi is beautiful - the cultivation of the practice leads to incredible movement, fluid and soft and strong all at once. Not to mention seeming to be about as close as one can get to being a Jedi, so I definitely want to sign up to that...

It's clearly going to be a long journey...

My mums stained glass is also beautiful.
Though it requires blood sacrifice and pain - her fingers are covered in little cuts, and the precision required for it to work sounds rather daunting.

Work in progress...The cat, sensing human attention focused onto something delicate, immediately appeared to walk her muddy feet over whatever it was.
(Note my mum's use of arcane symbols as well as numbers)

As you can see, she makes the whole house as colourful as stained glass, every spare surface sparkles with little shells, trinkets, beads, paintings, postcards......

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  1. Gorgeous stained glass! I love the ploughed field - never seen glass like it. Maybe she should start a blog...? xxx