Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The sun is giving off heat, the trees outside my flat have blossom on them and the sky has turned a funny blue colour...I'm feeling delirious with spring-buds of happiness and have been playing in the woods.

My essay on action heroines in science fiction film (god, I love my MA) is starting to flow a little and feel creative, I've got a couple of aerial workshops booked in the next few weeks and my partner is talking about travelling adventures to be had... All this and light in the sky after the hour of four!

I've also just discovered Amanda Palmer (musician and wife of Neil Gaiman) and Margaret Cho (openly bisexual comedian/performer/activist) and a skit they did at the expense of heteronormative, irritating pop music, attacking regressive right-wing American politics. Have a look...

Good times. 

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  1. oh happy spring!
    Oh and you look like a bat hanging like that! And I mean that in a good way :):)