Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More aerial sketches

Training at Circus Space has been really good fun the last few weeks. Our teacher Tamzen has been pushing us with conditioning and it is really paying off. I've been bumped up to group two for the last part of this term, and have signed up for next term as well.

Our lessons consist of warm up (very important...) i.e. climbs of varying types, then onto practising moves and little sequences she calls out, then onto conditioning in the last 15 - 20 minutes - by which time I am always astounded my hands can bare my weight for another second.

I'm looking forward to trying some sequences to music again, like I used to do with my teacher and friend Tanya.

(Sorry about the music on the clips - I needed to replace the audio on youtube and it doesn't have any good options...)
The movement in these videos, although I'm having a beautiful time in the air, looks very functional. I am  interested in taking the moves back into a place of emotional exploration, and greater heed placed on the quality of the movement.

Of course, to do that I need to get my muscles in working order, both in terms of strength and muscle memory...and keep working on fluidity.

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