Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The sun is giving off heat, the trees outside my flat have blossom on them and the sky has turned a funny blue colour...I'm feeling delirious with spring-buds of happiness and have been playing in the woods.

My essay on action heroines in science fiction film (god, I love my MA) is starting to flow a little and feel creative, I've got a couple of aerial workshops booked in the next few weeks and my partner is talking about travelling adventures to be had... All this and light in the sky after the hour of four!

I've also just discovered Amanda Palmer (musician and wife of Neil Gaiman) and Margaret Cho (openly bisexual comedian/performer/activist) and a skit they did at the expense of heteronormative, irritating pop music, attacking regressive right-wing American politics. Have a look...

Good times. 

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stained Glass and Tai Chi

I am having a few days in Cornwall with my family.

So far, I have been to a Tai Chi/Chi Gung lesson with my father, and my mother has shown me all about her stained glass. It's always really interesting to hear someone talk about something for which they have a real passion, and both my parents are passionate about movement/art respectively.

I'm clearly very much their child!

Tai Chi is beautiful - the cultivation of the practice leads to incredible movement, fluid and soft and strong all at once. Not to mention seeming to be about as close as one can get to being a Jedi, so I definitely want to sign up to that...

It's clearly going to be a long journey...

My mums stained glass is also beautiful.
Though it requires blood sacrifice and pain - her fingers are covered in little cuts, and the precision required for it to work sounds rather daunting.

Work in progress...The cat, sensing human attention focused onto something delicate, immediately appeared to walk her muddy feet over whatever it was.
(Note my mum's use of arcane symbols as well as numbers)

As you can see, she makes the whole house as colourful as stained glass, every spare surface sparkles with little shells, trinkets, beads, paintings, postcards......

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More aerial sketches

Training at Circus Space has been really good fun the last few weeks. Our teacher Tamzen has been pushing us with conditioning and it is really paying off. I've been bumped up to group two for the last part of this term, and have signed up for next term as well.

Our lessons consist of warm up (very important...) i.e. climbs of varying types, then onto practising moves and little sequences she calls out, then onto conditioning in the last 15 - 20 minutes - by which time I am always astounded my hands can bare my weight for another second.

I'm looking forward to trying some sequences to music again, like I used to do with my teacher and friend Tanya.

(Sorry about the music on the clips - I needed to replace the audio on youtube and it doesn't have any good options...)
The movement in these videos, although I'm having a beautiful time in the air, looks very functional. I am  interested in taking the moves back into a place of emotional exploration, and greater heed placed on the quality of the movement.

Of course, to do that I need to get my muscles in working order, both in terms of strength and muscle memory...and keep working on fluidity.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

It seems I have become the face of spiritual tourism in Ireland. This is pleasing, not to mention amusing, on a number of levels, none of which need outlining here...

The picture was taken by the excellent, Nicola Brady (film maker, photographer, writer and massage therapist), at her home Ard Na Hoo in Ireland.

Have a look at Nic's sparkling new website.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


For some words on the secrets of one man's creative process, go here to Andy Letcher's blog. At the end is a rough recording we made of one of his new songs, called Astrolabe.

It was lovely to be part of a different creative method, and to play about with how harmony works. I became very aware of the voice being a muscle, and mine not being a very developed one!

I am having better success with other muscle development, however.
This week at Circus Space we worked on Back Balance, which I find really tricky as I have a very immobile lower spine - apparently this runs in the family...
Conditioning has paid off though, and I can now transition through Back Balance using Flag - my new favourite move. 

And now I must return to essay writing!