Friday, 18 February 2011


The themes of suspension, space, bodies and aerial have, as ever, been very evident in the drawings I have been making recently. I'm still largely drawing from photographs which, depending on who one talks to, is a great folly or a great idea. It definitely produces a different feeling to a drawing.

I have made good on my promise to myself, and this year is already seeing a new relationship between me and paint. After realising that I didn't really know how to us water colour, I watched some youtube footage posted by people who really do know what they are doing. Much like an ape-baby fumbling with a twig, I have had some success.  

My discovery of the week, a discovery which has simultaneously excited artistic, aerialist, poet and academic leanings, is the Berlin-based performance artist Dasniya Sommer.
She enacts Shibari on herself, creating erotic, sculptural imagery with her body which is reminiscent of aerial dance.

Whilst making me wonder both about costumes made of rope for future aerial performances when I am more trained (though with under clothes too - I dare not image the horrific burns naked corde lisse would potentially produce), and a different aesthetic for aerial dance, photos of her work have left my pencil blunted with drawing.
A good way to start a new sketch book!