Wednesday, 2 February 2011

An insignificant brush with the media

I have found my way into the Oxford Mail, albeit in an extremely tiny photo. I was doing some conditioning in the background whilst the photo was being taken...You can just make out the blue of my top.

The struggle to find somewhere decent (which means ceiling height, warmth and space to store a crash mat) to rig in Oxford continues. The Circus Space evening course is going really well. Our teacher is pushing up hard which is fantastic - my strength is improving from week to week. I shall soon have the Popeye forearms I've craved since childhood. To anyone reading with aerial knowledge I am pleased to announce that I can (finally!) do Flag.   

In other news, I have finally allowed myself to start playing with watercolours again. After realising I didn't really know how to use them, I watched some sped up footage of people painting on youtube. This seems to have helped enourmously, even though at the time I wasn't especially aware of learning anything. I shall upload my effort as soon as I find my battery re-charger...

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