Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Coming to a screen near you...

The full length trailer for the, as yet, unreleased film 'The Wicker Tree' directed Robin Hardy is up on the Internet. The film is being described as a 're-imagining' of his 1973 cult film 'The Wicker Man'.

In all honesty, I am not completely convinced by the story line of this follow up piece, but I must reserve judgement until I see the finished movie.

Good film or not, I have been awaiting the films release as I had a very small extra part in some pick-up shots. Being raised in a media-obsessed culture, not to mention a movie-loving household, the chance to see myself on the 'silver screen' in any capacity is entertaining.

The fact that I was naked and sprayed with fake (and real) blood has done nothing to detract from my (mild) anticipation.  

Vanity, technological possibility and a love of the surreal will not allow me to pass up such an opportunity - so, here I am in the trailer:

My bare back is clearly visible middle of shot, identifiable by my tattoo. 

Funny old world...

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