Monday, 6 December 2010

Oxford Bookbinders

My prayers have been answered! I have found a space in Oxford where I can rig the rope I've burrowed from my teacher. It is called The Old Bookbinders, just off the cowley road, and is currently inhabited by Inevents.

Initially I thought the height was going to render it far from ideal, but the lowness of the beams have two advantages; firstly, that I can train alone(ish) without too much fear for my safety, and secondly, that it means I have to think creatively about routines, moves, etc. This creative need has meant that I discovered a new move - new to me at least - which you can see in my training video at about 2.43... 

There is also the possibility of a gig, space logistics allowing. Even if it does not come to pass this time, I am pleased by how my excitement has outweighed my nervousness. Aerial has been quite a solitary thing for me, but I find I am increasingly eager to share it.
The rest of the week has been dominated by essay writing and Christmas present drawing. I am very pleased with the results of both and so am feeling in an all round triumphant mood, however small (or low) the triumphs. 

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