Thursday, 16 December 2010

'Don't Let the World Go By'

On the 10th of December I performed my first public aerial rope, whilst Matt Sage (founder of Catweazle Club) and his band played 'Don't let the world go by'.
Matt seems to be a gatekeeper to the stage for many people in Oxford and beyond.

Unfortunately there was no footage taken, which is a shame, as, after viewing the video in my last blog, I practised rather a lot and think I made a fair bit of progress...The performance felt much tighter, more fluid, and most importantly, very enjoyable.

I'm looking forward to doing more performances - ! - and am now full of ideas for new routines, costumes, music, lighting...A significant personal victory considering a lifetime spent feeling very hindered by severe stagefright.
There is always the possiblity of slaying demons, even ones which seem insurmountably strong.

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