Saturday, 27 November 2010


This image came from a conversation with a friend about striving for perfection, and the multiple ways in which that can be a trap...Striving is a powerful thing, but a fixed notion of perfection, being the best (rather than the best you can be), seems to me a good way to loose the joy one had in any craft to begin with.
My friend compared it to collecting butterflies; catching something, presenting it, preserving it, only to see, with dismay, how one has destroyed the thing which made it beautiful.

(Once again, I'm sorry about the dark of my uploads, I don't have a scanner and have to use a rather arcane camera!)
In other news; I've been working on a rope routine I can do from a rather low beam in the space I've found in Oxford. It still strike me as silly that in such a city of vaulted ceilings I cannot find a higher space willing to let me rig...But it is a start! I've been really enjoying training in Brighton with Hazel (in between lectures) and her class. I am delighted to report that I can now do four long arm straddle climbs - that may not mean much to most of you, but if I tell you that I kissed my own biceps when I landed, you'll understand how happy I was. I'll try and get a video up to demonstrate...

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