Thursday, 11 November 2010

Looking Glass

Tarn is off on an adventure to find Kangaroos and sunshine, but luckily for me I was able to see her before she leaves and have some time rope-dancing. So here is a video of the routine I've called Looking Glass, unfortunately without the skip drop which finishes it. I had an attack of air-born self-doubt demons which meant I had to come back to earth, ponder and share a few tears. Fate has blessed me with the perfect teacher and after some kind words I found my wings, muscles and confidence again and practiced some delightful swinging movements.
I feel that any art form which steals your heart opens up the way for great growth and self knowledge. This means that all ones shadows also wake up, come crawling and clawing to have their say. They will all be there, the shadow-audience, and it takes faith and strength to keep going, to send them packing with a stern word.
I have yet to work out how to lay the music over the video, but I want to use a Satie piano piece for this routine...

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